SANTE D'ORAZIO – photographer

Sante D’Orazio (born January 23, 1956) in Brooklyn, New York, studied painting and fine arts at Brooklyn College. He worked as assistant to Phillip Pearlstein. During those same years, he also studied photography with Lou Bernstein, a member of The New York Photo League. He began his professional career in 1981 with Italian Vogue and later at Andy Warhol’s Interview and was soon working for the world’s leading fashion magazines and commercial clients. D’Orazio presented an alluring combination of sex and celebrity: a world populated by beautiful Supermodels (in various stages of undress), megawatt actresses like Angelina Jolie or Sharon Stone casually lounging on a sofa or by the sea, shirtless rock stars like Axl Rose and hyperbolic bombshells like Pamela Anderson. Through D’Orazio’s lens, modern celebrities became mythological beings, reflecting the values of our idol -obsessed times: Eternal Youth. Naked Beauty. Rock ‘n’ Roll. In a career spanning over twenty years, D’Orazio documented The Glamorous Life — always with a wink from behind the camera — for some of the world’s greatest publications, beginning with Italian Vogue in 1981 and including Interview, Vanity Fair, GQ, French, British and German Vogue.

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